Thursday, March 3, 2011

breast cancer from soys !

OMG !! memule ak dgr psal nie , ak trus termanggu korg tw x . mane x nye , tga best-2 ckp pasal mnum soya , tbe-2 mmbe ak , syer , gtw y soya x elok sb breast cncer . ak jd berminat nk tw . da lahh , sume y kaitan gn soya kene kurgkn mkn . aduu . tempe sekali . eishh , ak suke tempe tw . huhu . then , dy pn gtw lah kt cni dlm status ak . fuhh ! berpeluh ak bce . lau korg nk tw lebih lanjut , boleh bkak web nie atau pn y ini . korg akn dpt tw jwpn nyee . semoga dpt mnyelmatkn wanita-2 di luar sane ye . 

nie antra y di komen

*Last month I attended a workshop in Penang related to my research on brain signals. Since the workshop was sponsored by USM, some people from USM's medical hospital also attended. One of them worked with cancer patients. She told me: "We have about 10 new cancer cases each week. We have to turn some of them down for treatment because we do not have enough facilities". I asked her, "does chemotherapy work?" She answered, "No, but it gives them hope. Its just a matter of time from the moment they find out they have cancer. You are either here, or here" while indicating with her hands, the remaining time a person has until he/she dies.

There is no cure for cancer. We are all at risk. We can pray for Allah's protection and take precautionary measures.

My mother always tells us and I share this with you:

Limit intake of soy products. In our society we consume a lot of soya bean milk, tempe, tauhu, soy collagen etc etc. Soy contains a high amount of estrogen. Estrogen is the main cause of breast cancer in women.

Use corn oil when cooking. Use virgin olive oil whenever possible. Avoid vegetable oil, palm oil and other types of cooking oil.

Stop smoking. Second-hand smokers (your children, your wife/husband) are at risk too when they breathe in the fumes, and even more so, because you have a filter in your cigarette, and they don't.

Take anti-cancer supplements. In my family, we take 3 capsules of CanCare/NisaCare everynight before bed. Its like taking a vitamin supplement. Only this one is specifically for prevention of cancer. For more information on CanCare, you can visit*

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